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“I’m That Guy” is a streetwear movement.

A movement for people who believe human value.

A movement who cares. Ready to give a smile, a thumbs up, a wink and show you’re open to lending an ear or hearing someone’s story.

Sometimes the showing the smallest bit of kindness and compassion, changes, even saves lives.

“I’m That Guy”  is a movement about protecting, defending and enriching your mental health and those around you.

Step back from the noise of our daily lives and give a moment…

Be PROUD, Be BOLD, Be PART of something great.


Join the “I’m That Guy” movement simply by wearing fashionable streetwear that means something.

Now discover the empowerment you gain by seeing “I’m That Guy!!” reflected on YOUR CHEST!!

Embrace this feeling of life balance and true self-belief caught wearing our captivating street style.



A designer brand with appealing styled garments that are beautifully eye-catching and connect.

Walk in the most stylish urban streetwear that reflects to all a beacon of HOPE!!

Life is about second chances.

Now THAT’S something you can proudly wear on your chest isn’t it?

We are “Fashion Positive!”

You are… “THAT GUY”  and that is priceless!!

Waste no time. Join the Streetwear Movement and walk-in clothing that’s designed to show the best of you!

Show your amazing!


Supporters of Mind, Suicide Prevention, Cancer Research UK and Alzheimer’s Society.

I’m That Guy!!