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Blue camouflage I'm That Guy hoodie. Camouflage also in green.

Camouflage coming soon…


Camouflage was invented by the French to help people disguise their appearance and blend in with surroundings, I feel this could be a metaphor for the way you are feeling now!!

Once you have that “I’m That Guy” logo on your Camo top, you should have no need to hide or blend in because you are part of something, you belong, you are wanted, you can feel whole and help others hiding in the background like a sniper!

Don’t hide! Reach out and wear this hoodie with pride, when your ready purchase the best in streetwear that increases in value each time you wear it!

I’m That Guy camouflage hoodies simply shows your best self. 👍🏼

“You’re somebody else’s hero in “I’m That Guy!!”